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Are you interested in current technologies? If so, you might have a great time here, at the PC Key Tools website. We talk about everything that the modern societies require in both hardware and software design. Accessibility tools are one of the most important aspects for that – including the automatic mouse, software for keyboards used by people with disabilities and everything else in between.

People with disabilities and handicaps are an important yet marginalized group of the society, including the most important developments of today – IT and other related technologies. As such, they do require some extra advancements in terms of accessibility tools, accessibility-friendly design of software and services specialized in easing up the process of using the modern technologies.

So, our website revolves around all such things – tools for accessibility, modern developments in these technologies and ultimately – making things life easier for people with disabilities. If you are a person with a disability or someone close to you has a disability, stay with us, we’ll help you ease things up in the online world.

What is Accessibility?

Before you get to understanding tools for accessibility, we need to understand the overall concept of accessibility in modern technologies. For example, one of the most challenging things nowadays is that website developers must build accessible websites, and there are numerous benefits from such accessible websites. For instance, businesses avoid being sued for having inaccessible websites and discrimination against people with handicaps and disabilities, also, they build positive public relations and improve their reputation, and ultimately, they have better marketing and targeting of the customers since they are open to business for everyone (without excluding anyone).

So, accessibility in websites is basically a feature in websites that allows people with disabilities (hearing disabilities, seeing disabilities, etc. to use the website completely. In order for this to happen, there are accessibility tools incorporated in the websites, and they give the wholesome experience to everyone, without any discrimination.

Why Web Accessibility is Important?

Besides avoiding legal complaints and building greater reputation on the market, there are several other benefits of web accessibility. For instance, websites that are well-designed and use modern technology and the latest accessibility tools ensure that they have better SEO, which also helps their business while helping disabled people. Moreover, well-designed accessible websites ensure an easier penetration on the market by the businesses, and they give out a user-friendliness for their customers with all types of disabilities. The design of the website pays a huge role in this.

There are different types of disabilities, like hearing disabilities, visual impairment, cognitive disabilities in many forms, mobility disabilities and many other types of them, so websites with accessible tools are a great asset for them. Including entertainment for example, all people, including those with disabilities like to have fun, and this is why the existence of accessible legal online casinos with casino games is handy for everyone, because they can all have fun, earn real money prizes and have a wholesome experience. Legal online casinos are one of the most developed accessible online casino games sites.

For instance, the elderly people have an opportunity to play a lot of fun slot games or casino games in general, and win real money while doing so. Also, legal online casinos give out casino bonuses which are quite handy. For instance, the best casino bonus is the no deposit casino bonus – it allows people to play slot games or other games at the casino, and win money at the same time, without paying for it.

The Best 5 Tools for Website Accessibility

Website accessibility tools are incredibly helpful in ensuring an inclusive online environment for people with disabilities. However, the online world has an abundance of them, and finding the best tools for accessibility can be somewhat hard, especially with so many to choose from. However, we’ve done the research on the modern technologies, we followed trends and customer reviews, and we present to you the top 5 website accessibility tools:

WAVE: Website Accessibility Evaluation Tool

Following the latest technologies and trends is the WAVE ( (Website Accessibility Evaluation Tool). It is a suite of products developed and maintained by WebAIM. As such, it offers an abundance of accessibility checking tools, and it lists out the errors, accessibility features and warnings found on a website, by simply inserting a URL. It gives out an overlay of a site with icons showing the errors. Many people love it because it is user and beginner-friendly, yet really helpful.


You can use this one as a desktop or a web app, and it helps everything – SEO, cross-browser compatibility, broken links and accessibility which runs against all three WCAG 2 levels.

aXe: The Accessibility Engine

Similar to the WAVE app, it is a great accessibility tool. Although it is developer-focused, it is great for building a website free of accessibility issues.


If you want to have a great tool as a developer that follows the latest technologies, you’ll enjoy the Pa11y.


Following the latest technologies, this Khan Academy accessibility tools is great because it helps you reduce the barrier of entry to understand the accessibility issues, it even visualizes them on the page.


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